Empty Zipper Case with Built-In Straps - 7.5x3 Inch (Pack of: 1) - KIT-3559MK
Now you can design you own hobby kit, manicure kit, make up brushes, or you name it! This case opens up to reveal 11 tool holders inside to hold all the items in place. You can organize all your implements...
7 Inch Stainless Steel Wartenberg Pinwheel (Pack of: 1) - S8095-PK
The Wartenberg Pinwheel was originally a neurological tool invented by Robert Wartenberg as a way of testing sensitivity as it was rolled across a person's skin. Today it is still used for that purpose, but has found other applications in...
3 Piece 6 Inch Wooden Clay Modeling Tools with 6 Different Shapes (Pack of: 1) - CR-28812
Made of strong wood, this set is perfect for sculpting and modeling clay. Great for art class, or for the professional sculptor. Whether you are a novice, or a seasoned professional artist, these tools will give you excellent results every...
9-Inch Pinking Shears (Color May Vary) (Pack of: 1) - SC51800-YZ
These pinking shears are super sharp, and will do the job right for you every time. They are approx. 9" long, and weigh only 4.8oz. They are useful for trimming the edges of fabric to keep the fabric from fraying....
Empty Folding Case with Built-In Straps - 6.75x6.75 Inch (Pack of: 1) - KIT-3557MK
Now You Can Design You Own Hobby Kit, Manicure Kit, Make Up Brushes, Or You Name It! This Case Opens Up To Reveal 8 Tool Holders Inside To Hold All The Items In Place. You Can Organize All Your Implements...
Pneumatic Scriber Pen (Pack of: 1) - TJ-29470
This Engraver Pen If Specified For Industrial Use Only. It Comes With Everthing You Need Except The Pressurized Air Supply To Power It. You Can Engrave On Any Type Of Metal, Wood Or Brick With This Scriber Pen.* Pen Is...
Open 1 Kilogram Ingot Mold (Pack of: 1) - TJ-29349
This ingot mold will hold 1kg. Of molten metal until it cools and hardens. You can melt scraps of precious metals and combine them together in this fashion, for easier handling, weighing, and transport or sale of bulk product.* Including...
6.75" x 4.5" Empty Folding Case - Straps Inside To Build Your Own Kit (Pack of: 1) - KIT-3556MK
Now You Can Design You Own Hobby Kit, Manicure Kit, Make Up Brushes, Or You Name It! This Case Opens Up To Reveal 6 Tool Holders Inside To Hold All The Items In Place. You Can Organize All Your Implements...
7 Piece Sculpture Set with Wood & Metal Tips (Pack of: 1) - CR-28007
Here’s everything you'll need in a basic sculptor's set. Piercers, cutters, smoothers, shapers in a combination of metal and wooden tools. Also great for art clay, glass work, potters' work, and more.* 7 Pieces, both wood & metal for a...
8 Piece 4 Inch Stencils for Numbers, Letters & Symbols (Pack of: 1) - CR-71027
Great For Sign And Poster Making, These Stencils Are Made Of Durable Plastic With Large Capital Letters, Numbers, And 8 Different Symbols. Each Of The 8 Panels Measures 14.5" Long, 5" High. The Characters Measure 4".* Each Character Is 4"...
2 Piece Plastic Numbers, Letters & Shapes Rulers Set (Pack of: 1) - CR-90459
Plastic 2pc number and letter stencils. 12 inches long by 1/2 inch wide ruler comes with numbers, lower and upper case letters and basic signs and shapes stencil. One side is 12 inches sae and the other is 300mm metric...
2 Piece Number & Letter Stencils Set - Upper and Lower Case (Pack of: 1) - CR-90456
This is a complete set of upper case and lower case letters and numbers from 0 to 9. Also included are symbols to add, subtract, multiply, divide, equal, question mark, and parenthesis. Great for school and crafting projects-make a sign,...
11 Piece Assorted Double Ended Sculpture Tool Set (Pack of: 1) - ART-S011
Now You Can Create Your Wax Or Clay Designs Precisely With This Precision, Professional Quality Set. This Set Of Assorted Tools Will Allow You To Smooth, Shape, Sculpt, And Clean. Each Tool Is Double Ended, With A Different Tool At...
Clay/Pasta Hand Plunger with 19 Dies (Pack of: 1) - CR-71021
Just Like A Little Pasta Machine, But This One Fits In Your Hand. With A Variety Of Extruder Tips, You Can Make Shapes As You Press In The Plunger! Use For Cookie Dough, Pasta, Or Clay. (note: Once You've Used...
10 Watt Hot Melt Mini Glue Gun (Pack of: 1) - CR-06500
A Long-time Favorite Of Crafters Everywhere, This Little Hot Glue Gun Will Make Any Project Faster And Easier. Just Place A Glue Stick In The Back Of The Gun, Let The Gun Heat Up, And Every Time You Press The...
8 Piece Carving & Sculpting Set with Wood and Aluminum Parts (Pack of: 1) - CR-28008
Now the serious potter or sculptor has a great set to start with! Includes wire cutter, metal piercer, smoother, sponge, cutting blade, 2 sided hook shaper, and more. Tools made of wood, metal, and acrylic sponge.* 8 piece set has...
Large Glue Gun (Pack of: 1) - CR-86501
Ul rated for safety, creates the perfect bond for all your art projects! Also great for many home repair jobs.* (H: 6" x L: 7" x W: 1 ½") - Lightweight and easy to carry* Made of plastic and includes...
50 Piece 8-Inch Glue Stick, 1/2" Diameter (Pack of: 1) - CR-06550
These Glue Sticks Each Measure About 8" Long. They Are The Ideal Companion For A Large Glue Gun. (can Be Purchased Seperately.) Just Feed The Stick Into The Back Of The Gun, And Continue Pushing It In Slowly As The...
6 Piece Flat Bristle Brushes Set (Pack of: 2) - TZ63-06316-Z02
These Flat-bristled Brushes Are Perfect For Your Artistic Endeavors Sometimes You Need A Perfectly Flat Edge On The Paint Brush And Nothing Else Will Do. The Sizes In This Set Are 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, And 12. The Overall...
40 Watt Glue Gun (Pack of: 1) - CR-06501
A Long-time Favorite Of Crafters Everywhere, This Hot Glue Gun Will Make Any Project Faster And Easier. Just Place A Glue Stick In The Back Of The Gun, Let The Gun Heat Up, And Every Time You Press The Trigger...
Acrylic Paint Set (Pack of: 1) - CR-91016
You'll Be Producing A Work Of Art In No Time With This Set Of Acrylic Paints. The Set Comes With 12 Beautiful Colors, Which Can Be Blended On A Pallette To Create Even More Colors. Each Color Comes In A...
12-Piece Glue Sticks with 9/32-Inch Diameter (Pack of: 1) - CR-06551
These Smaller Sized Glue Sticks Are For Use With The Smaller Glue Guns. Simply Place The Glue Stick In The Back Of The Gun And Push It Forward As It Melts. This Package Will Supply You With Enough Glue Sticks...
5 Piece Geometric Drawing Tools Set (Pack of: 1) - CR-90457
1 - 100mm Metric Ruler With 180-degree Angle. 2 - Right Angle Triangular 5"-235mm Ruler. 3 - Equilateral Triangular 6"-150mm Ruler. 4 - 12"-300mm Ruler. 5 - Pencil And A Compass Drawing Set. Comes With A Pvc Carrying Pouch.* Use...
Plastic Artistic Template with Variety of Shapes & Designs (Pack of: 1) - CR-71026
Now You Can Design Your Own Signs, Bulletins, Flyers, Invitaions And Gift Cards. This Template Can Help You Do It All. You Can Go As Far As Your Imagination Will Take You. Dozens Of Clever Designs From Which To Choose,...

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