25 Piece Metal Shape Stamping Set with Zipper Case - TJ-44446
This set is excellent for stamping shapes into metal jewelry and other metal or wooden items. It has 25 different shapes such as heart, teardrop, square, rectangle, oval, flower, 4-leaf clover, triangle, tulip, star, and many more.Just place the stamp...
Set Of 12 Punches Depicting The 12 Signs Of The Zodiac With Wooden Tray - TJ911-ZD-812
Here's the set of punches that everyone has been waiting for! These zodiac sign punches are a popular way of personalizing jewelery and much more. Made of hardened steel, with 3/8 inch design on the end. Comes complete with a...
12 Pc. Zodiac Sign Punch Set
This punch set comes with 12 pcs each depiticing the sign of a zodiac. The punches are clearly marked. Sizes - 6mm - 1/4". Comes in a sturdy and compact pouch which can be rolled up. The signs which are...
Set Of 27 Pieces- 26 Letters Of The Alphabet, In "bridgette Letter" Style, Plus Ampersand-capital Letters Size 3/32 Inches - TJ917-27332L
This set of punches are called "Bridgette" style because they are not your average block style letters. They are a curly style of lettering to give them a little more creative look. All capital letters in this set, plus the...
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