6 Piece Stainless Steel Bowl & Lid Set - UT91-3
These stainless steel bowls are made of 26 gauge stainless steel and the lids are 22 gauge. The lids do not fasten to the bowls. They rest on top to protect the foods inside. The lids can also double as...
14 Piece Plastic Food Storage Containers Set - LKCO-43007
This is a very nice basic set of container sizes for your food storage needs. These pieces go from the freezer to the microwave to the table to the dishwasher, or back to the refrigerator. This set has see-through tops...
Multi-use Hand-held Food Grater & Grinder, Stainless Steel Drum - GRINDER-YX
If you want to grate cheese, mince garlic , onions, carrots, and more, you don't need a huge food processor that takes up room on your counter, and has many parts to clean. You only need this handy food grater...
8 Piece Stainless Steel Cooking Pots, Lids - UCT-FT4-1922
These cooking pots are wonderful for everything from family meals to crowd sized entertaining. The set includes 4 heavy duty 26 gauge pots, in sizes from 11 x 6 inches up to 12-3/4 x 7-1/4 inches. Each pot has a...
16 Piece Plastic Food Storage Containers Set, Clear Lids - LKCO-43008
This is a very nice basic set of container sizes for your food storage needs. These pieces go from the freezer to the microwave to the table to the dishwasher, or back to the refrigerator. This set has see-through tops...
9 Piece Stainless Steel Condiment Set - UT94
This set includes 1 large container (7" diameter x 2.14" height), and 7 small bowls (each has dimensions of 2-1/4" diameter x 2" height). The set also includes a small spoon to help you serve. You can use these bowls...
Plastic Cutlery & Shot Glasses Disposable Party Set - KIT-UP15
This Set Is Designed To Make Parties A Hit For Guests And An Easier Clean-Up And Set-Up For Hosts. It Includes All Disposable And Easy To Use Cutlery And Even Shot Glasses. Never Worry About Your Guests Misplacing Or Breaking...
12v Portable Water-Boiling Pot - 2 Cups - TA-27475
The Perfect Gift For Those On The Move - You'll Never Go Without Your Cup Of Java Again! Make Coffee, Tea Or Even Instant Noodles With This Travel Kettle On The Road. Attaches To Your 12v Power Accessory Charger. Comes...
14" Crucible Tongs with Curved Tips - TJ-29307
If You Are In Need Of A Way To Lift The Crucible Containing The Molten Metal, And Carry It To The Mold, Here's The Tool You've Been Searching For. These 14" Tongs Are Solid And Sturdy, With Curved Tips To...
54 Pc Food Storage Variety Set - LKCO-69005
This is a great set of food storage containers that would be a welcome addition to any kitchen. These containers can go right from the refrigerator or freezer, to the microwave, to the dishwasher. The containers are clear for easy...
6" Stainless Steel Spoon And Spatula (Pack of: 2) - S1-19170-Z02
This Is The Ideal Tool For Scooping, Mixing, Spreading And Smoothing. This Double Ended Spoon And Spatula Is Like Getting Two Tools For The Price Of One. Constructed Of Quality Stainless Steel, And Made To Last. You'll Find Dozens Of...
18x16 Inch Cotton Canvas Tote Bag with Handle Straps - AB-00323
This Bag Is Perfect For Use As A Shopping Bag For Groceries. It's Reusable And Washable, And Will Hold Quite A Bit. You Will Want To Take 2 Or 3 Of These Bag With You When You Shop. They Are...
KITCHEN DIVA: Extra Long Stainless Steel Cooking & Serving Set - U-20600
This set of stainless steel cooking and serving utensils is suitable for your kitchen at home, or a restaurant or industrial type kitchen serving 100's of meals every day. They never wear out, melt, rust, or break. The set includes...
4 Piece Set Of Stainless Steel Measuring Spoons For Cooking - U-78004
This Compact Measuring Spoon Set Fits In Any Pocket Or Drawer. Gives You Accurate Measurements For Your Best Recipes. Includes The Following Spoon Sizes: 1/4 Teaspoon, 1/2 Teaspoon, 1 Teaspoon, And 1 Tablespoon. Set Hangs Neatly On Detachable Ring.This set...
11-1/2" Tall Stainless Steel Pasta Containers (Pack of: 2) - U-81085-Z02
This 11.5" Storage Container Is Ideal For Storing Spaghetti Or Angel Hair Pasta. Once You Open The Package, Now You Can Store The Rest And Keep It Fresh For Next Time. This Container Has A Clear Lid, So You Can...
You Can Store Whatever You Need In These Handy Canisters. Use Them For Small Amounts Of Coffee, Flour, Sugar, Tea Bags, Pasta, Baking Mix, Nuts, Rice, Candy, Left-over Snacks, Etc. The Lids Fit Down Tightly, To Keep Everything Fresh And...
5 3/4-Inch Fine Mesh Strainer - U-73156
This fine mesh strainer is made of the finest quality stainless steel, and can be used for rinsing, draining, and steaming. It has a small, extra handle on the head, so it can balance on a bowl or pot during...
50 Piece 5.75 Inch Disposable Forks Set (Pack of: 2) - U-88117-Z02
These Plastic Forks Come In A Pack Of 50 Pieces. They Are 5.75" Long, And Are Disposable. Great For Picnics And Parties. Ideal For Easy Clean-up.* Each Is 5.75" Long* Includes 2 Packs Of 50 Piece Set* Suitable For Any...
15" Stainless Steel Jumbo Mixing Bowl - U-91000
This jumbo sized stainless steel bowl is great for mixing, serving and storing. You call fill it with ice, and keep other dishes or drinks cold, You can serve salad, bread, fresh fruit, or anything you wish in this bowl....
8 Inch Diameter Stainless Steel Plate With Holographic Etched Design - U-19099
This beautiful shallow stainless steel bowl is suitable for so many occasions. It can be used for diining or serving at even the most formal dinners. This bowl is 8" in diameter (inside), and approx 1" deep. Ideal for serving...
Stainless Steel Mini Bowl (Pack of: 2) - U-89535-Z02
This little bowl can come in handy in any kitchen. You can use it for individual servings of sauces, or drawn butter. It even makes a great food or water dish for small pets. You'll think of many other uses.Made...
13" Stainless Steel Kitchen Serving Spoon (Pack of: 2) - U-81221-Z02
Great For Stirring Those Extra Tall Cooking Pots. Also Wonderful As A Serving Utensil For Large Gatherings. Ideal For Basting Roasted Meats As Well. A Favorite With Professional Chefs And Caterers. This Spoon Measures 13 Inches long Overall, With The...
8 Inch Perforated Metal Colander and Strainer - U-73318
This Colander Is Made Of Sheet Metal With Perforations; Use For Pasta, Salads And More. The Handy Little Colander Can Be Used For Washing Fruit And Vegetables, Draining Pasta, Etc. Bowl Sits On A 1/2" Stand, So You Can Even...
5 Piece Stainless Steel Food Storage Set - U-88005
These Stainless Steel Bowls Go Right From The Table To The Refrigerator. With Their Snap-on Plastic Lids, They Are The Perfect Solution For Quick Food Storage. These Bowls Are Great For Home And Camping As Well. They Are Easy To...

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