Heavy Duty Large Tailor Scissors
These Are A Tailor's Best Friend! Dependable, Smooth Cut, With A Polished Cast Finish. Stainless Steel; Ttraditional Handle. Overall 12" Long With 6 3/4" Legs From The Pivot Down.* Super Sharp* All Stainless Steel Body* Polished Cast Finish
$6.30 from $5.73
Blue Painter's Tape
Ideal For Painting Two Different Colors On The Same Wall. You Can Maintain A Perfectly Straight Line, Just Like A Professional Painter. Great For The Seasoned Pro, Or Even For The Do-it-yourselfer. This Roll Of Tape Measures 3/4" X 50...
$1.65 from $1.50
Self Healing Cutting Mat
This mat measures 9 x 12 inches so it's ideal for medium sized cutting jobs. This mat will "heal" from cuts on the surface over and over again. Grid lines have been provided in inches and centimeters for your convenience...
Safety Paint Scraper With 4 Extra One-Edged Razor Blades In Package (Pack of: 1) - PK-PK9038-YW
This safety scraper has a retractable blade for your protection when not in use. This scraper is great for removing unwanted paint from glass, tile, ceramics, or floor surfaces. After the paint is dry, it will scrape completely away. This...
Stainless Steel Multi-Function Pocket Knife With Bottle Openers, Scissors, Corkscrew & More (Pack of: 1) - PK9811P-YH
If you carry this pocket knife, you would be prepared for almost anything! Not only is it a pocket knife with a regular knife blade, it also has 2 bottle openers, scissors, phillips head screwdriver, Nail pick with file, and...
9 X 12 Inch Self-Healing Black Cutting Mat With Pre-Marked Grid Lines (Pack of: 1) - CR-00-91913
This Mat Measures 8" X 11", So It's Ideal For Medium Sized Cutting Jobs. This Mat Will "heal" From Cuts On The Surface Over And Over Again. Grid Lines Have Been Provided In Inches And Millimeters For Your Convenience In...
3.5 Inch Stainless Steel Two-Tone Needlecraft Scissors (Pack of: 2) - SC-29278-Z02
Don’t Be Fooled By Their Dainty Appearance. These Scissors May Look Small And Delicate, But They Are Super Sharp And Hard Working. They Are Only 3.5" Long, So They Will Fit Into Most Any Craft Kit Or Sewing Box You...
7 Inch Pet Grooming Scissors (Pack of: 1) - SC-23700
For Long Haired Pets, These Scissors Are Just The Thing To Take Care Of Grooming Needs. You Can Keep Your Pet's Hair Neat And Groomed, And Deal With Problems With Matted Hair That Sometimes Occur.* 7" Long* Stainless Steel* Extra...
These tailor scissors are super sharp and heavy duty. They are dependable to always give you a smooth cut. They are made of polished, cast finished stainless steel, with extra large finger holes. Overall length of 10 inches, and 4-3/4...
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Stainless Steel Barber Scissors with Finger Level
These Handy Scissors Will Make It Easier Than Ever To Keep Everyone In The Family Neatly Trimmed At All Times. The Extra Sharp Blades Will Make Short Work Of Any Trimming Or Cutting That Needs To Be Done, And The...
$2.75 from $2.50
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Large Operating Sharp Point Scissors
So Professional, These Stainless Steel Scissors Cut Just About Everything You Might Want Them To.
$3.19 $2.90
Large Comfort Finger Office Scissors
Get That Crisp Cut In Paper That The Other Scissors Just Can't Handle! Strong, Stainless Steel 8 1/2" Scissors With A 3 1/2" Legs From Pivot Down. Hide Them In Your Desk - Everyone Will Want To Borrow It! Red...
$3.11 from $2.83
Stainless Steel Scissors
Stainless Steel Scissors 7" Long W/ 3 1/2" Blades.* 6" Long, Overall* Stainless Steel* 3" Blades* Super Sharp* General Purpose
$1.76 from $1.60
Curved Bandage Scissors - 5 ½"
These Are A Must For Any First Aid Or Emergency Kit! The Blades Are At An Angle To Cut Cleanly And Evenly. The Two Blades Are Different: One Has A Protective Disc End To Eliminate Getting Caught On The Tape;...
$2.09 from $1.90
Gold Plated Bandage Scissors with Angled Tips
Gold Plated Bandage 4.5"* 5.5" Long* Special Flat, Blunt Tip* Angled Blades* Extra Sharp* Professional Quality
$3.11 from $2.83
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Blunt Tip Operating Scissors
$5.39 $4.90
Blunt Tip Operating Scissors
These Scissors Are Great In The First Aid Kit. They Will Help You Clean Away Dead Skin From A Callous, Scrape Or A Blister. Great To Keep On Hand For Manicure Or Pedicure, To Clean Away Old, Tough Or Dead...
$5.39 $4.90
Angled Utility Scissors
The Perfect Craft And Utility Scissor. Cuts Paper Like A Dream, Great For 1001 Uses Around The House. Perfect For Scrapbooking And Other Crafts. Overall 6 1/2" Long With 2 1/4" Legs From The Bent/pivot Point Down. Available With Black...
$3.19 $2.90
Large Tailor Scissors with Golden Handle
These Scissors Look As Great As They Cut! Perfect For Cutting Out Patterns; Just Lay Out Large Areas Of Fabric And Away You Go! Smooth Cut, With A Polished Cast Finish. Stainless Steel With Gold Traditional Handle. Overall 12" Long...
$8.89 from $8.09
Large Finger-Hole Scissors
These Utility Scissors Are Made Of The Finest Stainless Steel. Extra Large Plastic Handles Make It Easy To Grip. Serrated Inner Edge Helps Open Bottles. Perfect For Kitchen, Workshop, Classroom, And More.These scissors are 5-1/2 inches long and weigh 1.4...
$2.71 from $2.47
Sharp Tip Stainless Steel Operating Scissors
Just Like The Ones That Are Used On Er, These Operating Scissors Are Professional Grade. Made Of The Finest Stainless Steel, They Cut Cleanly. The Fingerholes Are Sized To Fit Any Hand, And The Design Allows For Easy Cutting. Tips...
$3.99 from $3.63
Blunt Tip Operating Scissors, Stainless Steel
Operating Sharp/Blunt Straight 5"* Scissors are 6.5 inches long - actual blade is 3.5 inches long* Made of high quality stainless steel - these are durable and long lasting scissors* Has a blunt tip - could be a great scissor...
$5.58 $5.08
Forceps & Scissors In One - Staight Tip, Stainless Steel
This One Grips Like Forceps, And Cuts Like Scissors. It's Like Getting 2 Tools In One. Made Of Beautiful, Polished Stainless Steel, With Locking Handles.* Easy To Use* Durable Stainless Steel Construction* Professional Quality
$3.63 from $3.30
Self Healing Cutting Mat
This mat measures 12 x 18 inches so it's ideal for medium to large sized cutting jobs. This mat will "heal" from cuts on the surface over and over again. Grid lines have been provided in inches and centimeters for...
Set Of 10 Coloful Magnets With Numbers 1 - 10 Painted On Them (Pack of: 1) - MC6063-10-YX
This set of magnets can be a really fun way to teach your child numbers and colors. The magnets come in orange, blue, red, green and yellow, and they number 1-10 on the front. Since they are magnetic, they are...

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