13x6 Inch Portable Zippered Multi-Purpose Bag (Pack of: 1) - AB-18314
This handy bag is great for carrying your tools for a quick repair job on the go. You can even use it for travel to carry cosmetics, or your shaving kit. Use it for whatever you like. It will do...
5 Pc. 8" Multi-purpose Interchangeable Sieves (Pack of: 1) - U3-18343
This Set Of Sieves Is Great For Anytime You Wish To Sift Out Smaller Items, And Have Larger Items Remain. This Set Is The Perfect Partner For Fun At The Beach With A Metal Detector, Or For Retrieving A Small...
Emergency Blanket
This blanket comes packaged to stow away for emergencies, or anytime you need an extra blanket. Used by the Army, Navy and the Coast Guard for emergency rescue operations, but also excellent for your family emergency kit, or even the...
$7.18 from $6.53
Camouflage Diamond Twist Camping Rope
Whether you are camping or not, a good length of rope can come in handy for dozens of things. This rope is 50 feet long, with a thickness of 5/16 inch, and it comes in a green camouflage color. You...
$4.54 from $4.13
Jetstream Multi-Purpose Duct Tape - Silver
$5.28 from $4.80
  • + 3
Jetstream Multi-Purpose Duct Tape - Silver
This roll of duct tape in is the classic silver color, and is useful for so many items. This type of tape is frequently used for mending of various items, and of course, attaching and sealing heating and cooling ducts....
$5.28 from $4.80
  • + 3
30 LED Magnetic Emergency Flasher - Green
$9.57 from $8.70
30 LED Magnetic Emergency Flasher - Green
This yellow flasher is perfect for roadside emergencies. This flasher measures approx. 6" in diameter (2" tall), and is equipped with 30 LED lights, and a large reflector to provide a bright, highly visible warning light. This light features a...
$9.57 from $8.70
3Mil Emergency Hooded Poncho In Various Colors
Never Be Unprepared For Rain Again. This Poncho Comes In A Lightweight, Small Package That Can Fit Easily In Your Pocket, Purse, Back Pack, Brief Case, Or Glove Compartment. Comes In A Random Selection Of Various Colors, Including: Blue, Red,...
$2.42 from $2.20
Wire Rope Eye Bolt
This 1/2" Wire Rope Eye Bolt Is Part Of Our Collection Or Rigging Hardware. Whatever You Need In The Rigging Hardware Line, We Stock It For You. This Eye Bolt Features A Double Bolt & Nut For Extra Stength And...
$13.95 from $12.69
Set of 2 Pieces Of 1/8 Inch Zinc Plated Rope Thimbles For Use With Wire Rope Clips (Pack of: 2) - HD-46303-Z02
This set is the ideal way to take a 1/8 inch diameter wire rope and loop the ends to form an eye loop for attaching a lock or spring clamp. Just wrap the wire rope around the thimbles, and secure...
Spaarpot Met Teller -The European Name For A Digital Money Jar For Coins (Pack of: 1) - MONEYJAR-YX
This see through plastic jar has a self adjusting slot for all your coins, and a digital readout to show you how much is in the jar at all times. It has an easy screw on/ off lid, and under...
ToolUSA 3 Piece Emergency Lighting Combination Pack With Lantern, Flashlight And Head Lamp: LKCO-92222 (Pack of: 1) - LKCO-92222
You will want to add this set to your home emergency kit right away! It's all about light! You don't want to be stranded in the dark during an emergency. This set offers a mini lantern, a small but powerful...
Red Multi-Purpose Duct Tape, 2-Inch Wide x 50 Yards Long (Pack of: 1) - TAP-DK060R
Duct tape is used for sealing heating and cooling air ducts, but it can do so much more! This tape is frequently used for repairs on many types of things. It's popular for it's strength and durablilty. No other kind...
Yellow Multi-Purpose Duct Tape, 2-Inch Wide x 50 Yards Long (Pack of: 1) - TAP-DK060Y
Duct Tape Is Used For Sealing Heating And Cooling Air Ducts, But It Can Do So Much More! This Tape Is Frequently Used For Repairs On Many Types Of Things. It's Popular For It's Strength And Durablilty. No Other Kind...
Multi-Function Compass, Binoculars, and Mirror on a Lanyard (Pack of: 1) - MG-90205
This multi-function compass will be a welcome addition to any hiker's supply kit. You get a compass, binoculars, and a signal mirror. Also included is a lanyard to wear around your neck to keep it handy at all times. The...
Pocket Sized Reflective Emergency Blanket (Pack of: 2) - CAM-50500-Z02
Small Enough For Backpack Or Fishing Bag, This Emergency Blanket Will Come In Handy! Small Enough To Fit Anywhere (3 x 4 Inches Folded), It Opens To 50 X 79 Inches, With A Thermal Reflective Surface.Great for your home emergency...
TRAVERSE: 3 Inch Diameter Easy To Read Compass (Pack of: 1) - PC-61000
You will stay right on track with this easy to read compass. Take it with you hiking or biking. You can carry it in your pocket, or keep one in the car. Extra large print is easy to see even...
Polyethylene Camping Hiking Emergency Tube Tent (Pack of: 1) - TC-09938
Neon Neon Orange 3 x 8 Feet Mylar Emergency Sleeping Tent - TC-09938Product Detail:Neon Orange 3 x 8 Feet Mylar Emergency Sleeping Tent - TC-09938Product Detail:Silver 3 x 8 Feet Mylar Emergency Sleeping Tent - TC-09938Product Detail:This mylar sleeping tent...
Wire Rope Eye Bolt (Pack of: 25) - TR-20104-Z025
This 1/4" Wire Rope Eye Bolt Is Part Of Our Collection Or Rigging Hardware. Whatever You Need In The Rigging Hardware Line, We Stock It For You. This Eye Bolt Features A Double Bolt & Nut For Extra Stength And...
Pop-Up 3x Magnification Cardboard Folding Binoculars (Pack of: 2) - MP203-Z02
These Handy Binoculars Fold Down Flat When Not In Use, And The Light Weight Frame Makes Them The Ideal Binoculars To Take Along Hiking, Rock Climbing, Or Any Outdoor Adventure You Have In Mind. The Lenses Are 30mm In Diameter,...
Portable 24 Led Super Bright Camping Lantern With Compass (Pack of: 1) - LKCO-6283
You Won't Get Lost At Night With This Handy Lantern. Not Only Do You Get Plenty Of Light In All Directions From The 24 Ultra Bright Led Lights, But This Lantern Has A Compass On Top To Keep You Headed...
Multi-purpose Stand-up Cart - Fold Up Wheels (Pack of: 1) - LHEN-5880
Now You Can Have A Wheeled Shopping Cart Available Whenever You Need One. This Cart Folds Up Neatly When Not In Use, Then You Can Take It Out, Pop The Wheels Into Place And Away You Go! It's Lightweight And...
Scooping Shovel - 2.125" x 3.125" (Pack of: 2) - TJ05-01750-Z02
So Useful To Scoop Up Your Stones! Made Of Stainless Steel And Has A Straight Back Edge. 2" X 3".* 2" X 3"* Straight Back Edge* Made Of Stainless Steel* Ideal For Gemstones & Beads* Premium Quality
Sporty Black Binoculars With 5X power, and 30mm Clear Lenses (Pack of: 1) - MG-B-00222
These Handy Binoculars Measure 4 1/4 X 4 1/2 Inches, And Have A Black Rubberized Coat To Make Them Slip Resistant. They Offer 5x Magnification of Far Objects, With 30mm Clear Lenses. They Come With A Lanyard For Wearing Around...

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