Stow Away Handy Small Tool Box, 11-Inches (Pack of: 1) - MJ-16446
This little tool box will work great for you as a craft tool, sewing or fishing tackle box. It includes a handy lift-out tray for smaller items, and for realls small items, it has three compartments built into the lid...
Swivel Hammer Holder (Pack of: 2) - AS-20002-Z02
This Hammer Holder Is A Favorite With Roofers And Other Construction Workers. It Keeps Your Hammer Handy All The Time. Just Hang It On Any Belt, And You're Ready To Work. The Swivel Action Gives You A Greater Range Of...
This is the ideal little jeweler's hammer for all those tiny and delicate jobs, where a big hammer will just not do. One side has a brass head, and the other side has a nylon head. Each side has a...
7 Pc. Automotive Body Repair Hammer Kit (Pack of: 1) - TA-02107
A Necessity For Those Who Do Auto Body Work! Set Includes Standard Bumping Hammer; Reverse Curve Hammer; Pock And Finish Hammer; Combination Dolly; Mushroom Dolly; Universal Dolly; Heel Dolly. Wooden Handle Is About 10" Long. (carrying Case Not Included.)
10 Pocket Leather Tool Bag with Hammer Holders (Pack of: 1) - AS-91137
This is a beige, suede leather nail and tool bag. It comes with 10 pockets with plenty of room for nails and other items and 2 metal hangers for hammers. This bag can hang from your belt with the belt...
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Solid Rubber Hammer with Wooden Handle
Super Useful And Very Strong, It Will Take Good Care Of Your Softer Materials And Won't Mar Them. Head Is 1 7/8" Diameter; 10" Wooden Handle. Overall Length Is 11 7/8".2 Ounce rubber headed mallet with a 7/8 striking surface...
$1.76 from $1.60
Heavy Duty Forged Metal Claw Hammer with Wooden Handle
This Is Your Basic All Around Claw Hammer For Household And Industrial Use. The Solid Wood Handle Has A Smooth Feel, And Is Coated For A Shiny Finish. This Is The Hammer You Will Want To Use Time After Time.*...
$4.70 from $4.28
Heavy Duty Forged Metal Claw Hammer with Rubberised Grip
This One's Gonna Pound A Nail Like Nobody's Business! Strong Claw Hammer With Fiberglass Handle. Overall 11" Long, With 4" Long Head Of Which Has 7/8" Diameter.Orange Fiberglass handle
$3.35 $3.05
Heavy Duty Forged Metal Claw Hammer with Rubberised Grip
You Can Build Yourself A Great Project With This Durable Hammer! Extra Strong Round-steel Handle With Rubber Grip. Overall 9 3/4" Long With 7/8" Diameter Head.* 9.75" Long* Weighs 8 Oz.* Diameter Of Head 7/8"* Sure Grip Handle
$3.67 from $3.34
Texturing Hammer with Interchangeable Heads
This Hammer Has A Variety Of Interchangeable Heads Which Will Leave A Variety Of Different Imprints When Used On Metal. The Heads Are Stored Neatly Away In The Box Which Is Included. The Hammer Has A Solid Wood, Sturdy Handle....
$22.25 from $20.23
Sledge Hammer with Fiberglass Handle
This heavy duty 6 pound forged steel sledge hammer features a forged steel, black painted head that is hardened and tempered for rugged strength and durability. This dual headed design has 2 beveled faces, each with a flat striking surface,...
$8.03 from $7.30
Ball Pein Hammer With Genuine Hickory Handle
This Is A Sturdy, Dependable Ball Pein Hammer Which Is Ideal For Use By Machinists, Blacksmiths, And Engineers As Well As Others Primarily To Work On Metal. It Can Be Used To Drive Punches Or Chisels, Or Any Number Of...
$11.08 from $10.08
Inch Gerson-Type Mallet Hammer for Jewelry Metal Stamping & Forming - Blue
This Gerson Mallet Has A Polished Head. 1" Diameter And 2" Length. Used Primarily For Metal Stamping And Shaping. The Mallet Is 8" Long Overall, And Weighs 10 Ounces* This gerson mallet is 8 inches long, overall, and weighs 10...
$9.49 $8.63
Nylon Head Hammer
2" Diameter Rawhide Mallet. Width Is 3 And Overall Length Is 12 1/2" Long. Using A Rawhide Mallet Is Preferred By Jewelers To Prevent Damage To The Metal. Also Used By Bricklayers, As The Rawhide Is Good For Tapping Bricks...
$9.17 from $8.34
Metal Tool Box
Heavy Guage, Cantilever Tool Box Opens To Show All Your Tools At A Glance. An Easy Way To Carry And Store All Your Tools. ThisToolbox Is Equipped With Folding Type Trays That Lift Up And Out For Easy Organization.Overall dimensions...
$37.88 from $34.44
Multi-sided Texturing Hammer & Steel Bench Block
This set is equipped with a multi-sided hammer and a bench block tool. The hammer is the ideal tool for striking soft metals (including brass, silver, copper) and bench block provides a solid steel surface The handle of the hammer...
$22.17 from $20.16
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Block with Chasing Hammer
$13.18 from $11.99
Block with Chasing Hammer
$13.18 from $11.99
9 Piece Texturizing Hammer Set
This set is ideal for the jewelry designer-you can create many interesting designs and textures, including lines, squares, diamond shapes and more. The set comes in a leather covered case, measuring 11 x 4-1/2 x 2 inches, with a foam...
8.5 inch Lightweight Jeweler's Texturing Hammer (Pack of: 1) - PH601H
This lightweight jeweler's texturing hammer is just the thing for the jeweler designer. Each end is bullet shaped in 2 sizes: 3/8 and 5/16 inches in diameter. This hammer is great for use on your precious metals to create a...
Precision Screwdriver Set With 36 Bits, 1 Rubberized Knobby Handle, And 1 Extender (Magnetized) (Pack of: 1) - PS638-YTD
This screwdriver bit set has 36 handy precision sized bits. Perfect for you toolbox. The set also includes a 4 inch rubberized handle, and a 2-1/4 inch extender, for a longer reach. Both handle and extender are magnetized for better...
Genuine Leather Belt-Worn Hammer Holder with Rivet Reinforcement (Pack of: 1) - AT010
This leather hammer holder will fit on just about any waist belt up to 2 inches wide With A 4 1/2 Inch Diameter Hammer Holder Hole. The hammer holding section is held in place by 4 heavy duty rivets. This...
Plastic Tool Box, 18.5 X 10 X 9 Inches With Inside Tray And Metal Riveted Latches (Pack of: 1) - MJ-16454
This plastic tool box measures 18-12 x 10 x 9 inches, and has a lift-out tray that is 1-1/2 inch high. The tray offers 4 sections to store small items. It even has a ruler on the side to measure...
Plastic Tool Box, 13 X 6 X 5 Inches With Inside Tray And Metal Riveted Latches (Pack of: 1) - MJ20104
This plastic tool box measures 13 x 6 x 5 inches, and has a lift-out tray that is 1 inch high. The tray offers 4 sections to store small items. It even has a ruler on the side to measure...
Premium Steel Block With Chasing Hammer (Pack of: 1) - KIT-TJ9804A
This kit was specially created for the jeweler's or artist's work bench. The block is made of hardened chrome vanadium steel, a material chosen for its long lasting durability. The block measures 4" X 4" X 3/4". The hammer is...

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