PURPLE STAR HAMMER CO: 8-1/2 Inch Dead Blow 12 Ounce Hammer With Alloy Head - PH-10214

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This orange dead blow hammer is perfect for leather or wood work - the strong one-piece pvc construction will protect your surface and still give you maximum strength. One-piece construction with an easy-grip, ergonomic handle. Head weighs 12 ounces. Overall 8-3/4 inches long with 3/4 inch diameter alloy head on one side and 1-1/8 inch PVC coated head on the other.
  • This hammer is 8-3/4 inches long, with a head width of 3 inches
  • Weighs 12 ounces, and has an easy to hold, ergonomic handle
  • This hammer features a dual head, PVC side is 1-1/8 inches, and alloy side is 3/4 inches
  • PVC 7-3/4 inch handle makes this hammer easy to hold and easy to hang on to- non slip surface
  • This hammer will not scratch or cause sparks-perfect for many tasks

  • Dimensions

    • Total length: 8-3/4"
    • Handle length: 7-3/4"
    • Head width: 3"

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    Wendy Woods
    Great Hammer

    Light enough to lift but heavy enough to do the job