Hexagon Humane Anti-Bird Net to Protect Fruits in Trees

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This Bird Net Can Be Draped Over Any Fruit Tree To Proctect The Fruit From Being Pecked At By Birds. Now Your Fruit Will Come Off The Tree When You Pick It Off, Not When The Pecking Birds Knock It Off Too Soon. You Will Yield A Much Better Crop Of Fruit When You Utilize This Net.
  • * Overall dimensions - 32 feet by 13 feet - great for larger sized trees- garden area
  • * Lets in the sunshine while protects your fruits from birds and other animals
  • * Made of polyethylene - plastic - durable - comes in a nice green color - hexigonal mesh
  • * Especially great for fruit trees - your peaches, apples, plums will all be protected
  • * Your fruits will look much better when you eat them - available in smaller size as well!
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    Arthur Kalpak
    Hexagon Humane Anti-Bird Net

    I cannot qualify this Item any other than well played scam and here is way:
    1.The dimensions of the net are completely misrepresented if you stretch it to be 5 meter long then there is no way it can be 2 meters… it’s exact half - 1 meter!
    2. There is no way to attach the screen/net the way that birds would not get to fruits which is the main purpose!
    3. The value of the purchase /shipment is completely inadequate to price paid.