Hand Held ABS Plastic Tally Counter, Mountable (Pack of: 2) - CO-47401-Z02

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Hand Held ABS Plastic Tally Counter, Mountable

Product Description:

This is the best invention out there! Use this tally counter to keep track of all sorts of things without having to cram the numbers in your head. This product is truly a stress buster. Simply click on the manual clicker above the numbers for each count. There is a reset knob on the side so you can take the number back to 0 within a second. The counter can also be pointed to something – with a 2-1/16” diameter base –it has holes for 2 screws. The screws are not provided.

Use this product to tally:
  • # of people attending an event
  • # of strokes
  • gym reps
  • and.. so much more!

  • Why buy this model over others?
    Well, glad you asked! This counter is lightweight and easy on the hand. It weighs half the standard metal ones you find in the market so your fingers don’t get tired. The finger ring allows you to hold the counter easily. This product is made for your hand. This counter tallies from 0 to 9999 and resets so quickly, you wouldn’t even know it! Unlike other models, this counter can be mounted to a place—possibly the entrance of an event.

  • Approx. 1-9/16” tall
  • Approx. 1.25” wide
  • Weight: 1.28 oz.
  • Base diameter:2-1/16”
  • MAKES LIFE EASY: Counts from 0 to 9999 with a simple manual step button - no more keeping numbers in your head!
  • WELL BUILT: Built with hard ABS plastic (including the reset button) which will provide durability
  • SO MANY APPLICATIONS: Use this at a local event to count people, count your time around a track, gym reps - you name it!
  • MADE FOR THE HAND - Finger ring on top for easy holding - weighs a lightweight but compact 1.28 oz. | 1-1/19" tall
  • BUY A FEW: buy a few and use them for all your needs!
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