4x/6x Folding Pocket LED Magnifier - MP-14608

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This is the ideal pocket magnifier for many occasions. This magnifier is equipped with 2 separate, 1 inch diameter lenses. One has 4x power, the other has 6x power. They can be used independently, or, if placed together, they provide 10x power magnification. Combine that with the LED illumination, and you have a powerful little magnifier that you can hang on your key chain or put in your pocket, and take with you anywhere. Great for map reading and hobbies.
  • * This magnifier is equipped with two swivel lenses, 4x and 6x power
  • * Each lens is 1 inch in diameter, and can be used alone, or combined for 10x
  • * Sharp looking in blue and white, this case is made of sturdy ABS plastic
  • * This magnifier offers ultra bright LED illumination for a clear, bright view
  • * This little pocket sized magnifier is equipped with a snap spring loaded key ring
  • Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Becky Worcester
    Not satisfied

    When I got it, it was sticky. I cleaned it, so it was in my purse on a keychain. When I got it out to use it, I opened it up and it broke. The magnifying glass came off where the light is. Won’t buy again.

    Madison Warnock
    It was completely covered in stickyness

    I bought this thinking it would be good for a class I am taking. When it arrived I opened it and it seemed as the packaging had already been opened and the device was covered in a tacky sticky substance. I was pretty disappointed thought the company would be somewhat better quality than this.