6 Inch Stainless Steel Pocket Knife (Pack of: 1) - PK-09027

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Sleek and trim, in polished stainless steel, this little knife will fit into practically anyone's daily routine. Whether you need to slice boxes open, or cut a piece of string, this handy little knife will do the job for you anytime. With it's 2.5 inches super sharp blade, this is the one you'll want to have in your pocket every day.
  • * Beautiful polished stainless steel that provides accurate and sharp cuts
  • * 6 Inch overall knife with a 2.5 inch super sharp blade
  • * Can be folded to fit easily in a pocket - has a indented spot for easy open
  • * Has a locking mechanism to prevent any harms during use-simply press the mechanism down to close
  • * Great for hunting, camping, warehouses, hiking, emergencies, and more!
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    Lloyd Suthep
    Great Knife. One Problem.

    This knife is great if you have good eyes. I use it to help me operate in my job of opening wooden crates down by the docks, but don't let that make you think it is one dimensional. It is a tool I always keep with me, and finds its use every day. It glides through my homemade loaves of rye and sourdough bread with relative ease. If that isn't enough for you, it is also a fully functional butter knife. I use it everyday in my cooking, hunting, and warehouses.

    There is one problem.

    It's design is sleek, too sleek. With society ever evolving to want things more streamlined and efficient, we have forgotten the functionality of decorative aesthetics. I personally blame the pop generation and large industries for meeting the demand and changing their design. My eyes aren't so great after the war. I often confuse the handle for the blade and have cut my palm on a few occasions. No problem if you apply a little elbow grease. I have taped it up with a little bit of electrical tape. This stopped the bleeding, and I then applied hockey tape to the handle to stop confusion. But this should not be a problem in the first place. Please fix your knife so I can buy more for my grandchildren thank you.