6.5 Inch Titanium Diamond Tweezers with Wooden Storage Container - S1-08547

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These titanium tweezers are 6-1/2 inches, and they are excellent for handling even the tiniest diamonds, gemstones or beads. They have a fine-point tip, and textured handle to enable you to maintain total control when holding tiny objects. Since they are made of titanium, they are typically 50% lighter in weight than stainless steel tweezers. These tweezers come with a custom fit wooden box for safe and clean storage.
  • * These tweezers are made of titanium-low density, high strength and light weight
  • *The handle is textured to help you maintain a steady grip-tweezers with box weighs about 2 ounces
  • * These tweezers are designed with a fine point tip to aid in the handling of tiny objects
  • * These tweezers are perfect for picking up gemstones-textured jaws help to hold
  • * A two-piece wooden storage container is included to protect the tweezer tips

  • Dimensions

    • Length of case: 7-5/8"
    • Length of tweezer: 6-7/16"
    • Diameter of case: 13/16"

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