12v Jump Starter - Accessory Outlet to Accessory Outlet - TA-05215

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Now you can jump start a dead car battery without regular jumper cables. This portable jumper is easy to use. Just plug the small piece into the cigarette lighter of the car with the working battery, (make sure to keep the vehicle running so you don’t' drain the battery), and plug the large piece into the cigarette lighter of the car with the dead battery. Flip the switch to "Charge", and before you know it, the dead battery is able to start up again. Just as effective as jumper cables, but much easier to store in your vehicle.* This item is a compact size, and easy to store in any vehicle

  • Never causes sparks or shocks to the user- lightweight unit weighs only 8.3 ounces
  • Will not damage the car battery to either vehicle involved in the charging process
  • Position the two vehicles next to each other-the cord is more than 14 feet long
  • Anyone can use this device easily-provides a quick charge to a dead battery


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews

    Not as advertised. And they won’t give me my money back.

    Shannon Saavedra Apostol
    Not as pictured

    I ordered something different than what arrived. Then I requested to return it and they never answered the request

    Gary Tisdale

    Great product, I would recommend it to anyone, 5 Stars Plus!