80 Liter Food Grade PE Water Bag | Anti-Slip Mat for Wheel Barrow (Pack of: 1) - TC508-80L

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This water bag is great for those times that you need a large quantity of water in a location, and you don't have a hose to reach it. You simply place the slip-proof mat in the wheel barrow, then put the water bag in with the hole-side facing up, then use a faucet or garden hose to fill the bag with up to 80 liters of water. You can transport the water, open the nozzle, and tip the wheel barrow to release the desired amount of water. The bag is equipped with 2 different nozzles. One is an open hole, and the other has tiny holes to provide filtering on the way in or the way out of the bag.
  • This water bag, fully opened, measures 39 3/8 inches x 27 1/2 inches and weighs 13.7 ounces
  • This bag is great for construction, masonry, gardening, farming and more
  • Before filling, place the slip proof mat in the bottom of wagon or wheel barrow with bag on top
  • You can use the open hole attachment, or the filtering attachment to catch large particles
  • A great way to move and dispense a large quantity of water when your hose won't reach
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    I use with WORX Aerocart to water trees

    I have planted some trees in the neighborhood - and during their first years in the Texas heat they will require supplemental watering over and above our usual rainfall.
    I use this water bag in the WORX Aerocart to drag water to those trees.
    I find that in this configuration I can carry 17.5 gallons of water.
    Probably in a bigger wheelbarrow or such the water bag would be able to fill fully to the 20 gallons.
    It works very well for my purpose.