Eyelet Pliers with 100 Eyelets Included (Pack of: 1) - TP-14400

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Now you can install eyelets yourself on your leather boots or shoes, or on denim fabric or even canvas. You can install them just like a pro with these handy eyelet pliers. The set comes with i pair of pliers and 100 eyelet pieces. All eyelets in this set are 1/4 inch great for decorating clothing and hats, bags, etc.
  • 5.5 inch pliers with .25 inch eyelets - 100 eyelets
  • Once installed, eyelets are great for laces or just for decoration on all types of fabric
  • These pliers have PVC wrapped handles to be gentle to your hands during use and give you more grip
  • Easy to use - just place and squeeze - you can install these eyelets anywhere you wish
  • These 100 eyelets come in one color - brass
  • Customer Reviews

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    Gerry Harp
    Excellent customer service

    I purchased a small tool from them; total price was only 8$. It was defective out of the box. I sent them an email and they responded the very next day with a satisfying solution. Once in a while, a bad item will get through the QA, and the occasional miss is to be expected. But I thought that I might have trouble getting their attention, given the tool was inexpensive. Thanks, customer service!

    ROZELLA markee

    I've purchased several items from ToolUSA, and been extremely happy with the quality of each one as well as customer service! Same experience with the eyelet pliers.

    They're a fantastic value. Durable,sturdy, and came with 100 eyelets. I was pleasantly surprised to find the eyelets are sturdy as well, not a thin metal.

    I'll note that when testing the tool/eyelets the first time I placed the eyelets in the tool incorrectly, ending with bad results. It was user error. Using the tool correctly resulted in perfect eyelets!