32 Inch Telescopic Stainless Steel Alligator Clip - TZ03-08870

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You will find many uses for this alligator clip on a 32" extension rod. For example, you can place a wooden match in the clip, light it, and reach way inside to light a blown out pilot light. You can clip a recipe card, and place it where you can see it at eye level. With a little imagination, you'll think of many more ways to use this handy clip.
  • *Extends to 32 inches long - great for hard to reach spots
  • * Made of stainless steel - can last years with proper care
  • * Comes complete with pocket clip and extends down to a pocket size!
  • * Alligator clip holds on and stays on for any project
  • *Can also be great for any place you are likely to drop small things- office, workshop, sewing room
  • Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Stephen Tomasco
    Cheaply Made

    Will not hold up with normal use. They're flimsy and the longer they extend the weaker they are.

    Kenneth Bernard
    Were is it

    Never got it.

    Geoff Russell
    roach clips

    these are perfect for social distance shared joint smoking. :)

    Derek Cowgur
    Self explanatory

    It is what it says it is works well seems sturdy enough

    Bruce Comeau

    Prompt service