TORCH: Piezo Igniter With 6 Inch Long Neck - TZ69-CE-15LH

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This piezoelectric ignifter is able to convert a sound wave into an electrical signal, and thereby can create a tiny spark which can be used to ignite a butane torch or other such gas contrivance. This igniter is 9 inches long overall, with an extra long 6 inch neck. This device is much safer than using a lighter or lighted match. Simply push the red section of the handle until you hear it click, and have the igniter end near the source of the gas. Once you turn on the gas be ready with the igniter immediately. Don't let the gas valve remain open more than a few seconds before igniting, and turn it off completetly when finished.
  • This device creates a spark to light your gas torch - works every time - has loop for hanging
  • This igniter requires no batteries, fuel, electricity or outside power source of any kind
  • 9-inches Long overall - 6-inch long neck for protection - steel neck - durable plastic handle
  • Easy to operate - just squeeze the red portion of the handle until you hear the click
  • The igniter produces a tiny spark - just enough to light your gas or butane torch
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    great price and super fast shipping

    nice quality product

    Harold Schak

    Very sorry I bought this product, flimsy, poor spark, wont light my gas logs. Needed something with no flame laying around (grandkids) thought wrong with this one. Beware!!

    Richard Harman
    Piezo igniters

    I ordered 5 of these to spread them around in the shop, camper house. From the pictures on line I thought they were bigger. They work good for lighting gas appliances.

    Willy Brandt
    Fast Delivery

    Fast delivery and great product, works awesome, I recommend it.

    Barbara Taylor

    Piezo Igniter for Lighting Gas (Pack of: 1) - TZ69-CE-15LH