18.5mm - 29.5mm Precision Rolex Oyster Case Opener (Pack of: 1) - TJ02-09642
Now You Can Confidently Work On Any Rolex And Not Worry About Damaging The Oyster Case! Six Tempered Metal Rings (18 1/2mm, 20 1/5mm, 22 1/2mm, 26 1/2mm, 28 1/3mm, And 29 1/2mm) Let You Work On All Sizes. The...
Watch Case Opener with Built in Watch Holder and Ruler (Pack of: 1) - TJ-29305
This is a 6.5 inches long knife style case opener with a beveled blade edge at each end to fit under the edge of your watch case and open it. You can hold the watch works between the two hand...
Watch Case Opener With 1" Beveled Edge Blade, 4.5" Overall With Smooth Black Fiber Handle (Pack of: 1) - TJ-28045
This Case Opener Is The Watch Repairman's Best Friend. Smooth And Easy To Hold And Work With. The Beveled Edge On The Blade Allows The Blade To Fit Between The Division In The Watch Case, And Push It Open Easily...
Watch Case Opener Wrench - For Both Waterproof And Regular Watches (Pack of: 1) - TJ9620
Easy to use, this case opener includes 12 (4 sets of 3 insertable jaw pins - round, flat, square and toothed) non-scratching jaw pins; non-slip handle is 5.5 inches long and works on up to a 40mm diameter case. Intended...
Compact Wrench - for Opening Waterproof Watch Cases (Pack of: 1) - TJ02-09618
This Compact Wrench For Opening Waterproof Cases Has Tempered Pins; Adjusable Wheel Can Hold Up To 2". 2 5/8" X 1 1/8" X 1/2".* Pocket Sized* Adjustable Wheel* Opens Waterproof Cases* Has Tempered Pins* For Watch Professionals
3 Inch Case Knife (Pack of: 1) - TJ02-09670
Here's The One Preferred By Watchmakers Everywhere, Because It's So Easy To Use! Blade Is Hardened Steel In Plastic Handle; 3" Long.* 3" Long* Plastic Handle* Hardened Steel Blade* Easy To Use* Ideal For Watch Professionals
Watch Case Opener (Pack of: 1) - TJ02-99620
Easy To Use, This Case Opener Includes 12 (4 Sets Of 3 Insertable Jaw Pins - Round, Flat, Square And Toothed). Non-scratching Jaw Pins; Non-slip Handle; 5 1/2" Long And Works Up To 40mm Diameter Case. Intended Strictly For Experienced...
Dual Function Case Opener with Beveled Edge (Pack of: 1) - TJ02-09619
Made Of Strong Stainless Steel, This Case Opener Has A Dual Function And A Beveled Edge, Adjustable To 1 1/2 Inches. Small Enough To Fit In Your Toolbox Or Pocket. Overall length 2-1/4 inches.* Made Of Stainless Steel-Screw Type Tension...
6-1/4 Inch Watchmaker's Bench Knife For Opening Watch Cases (Pack of: 1) - TJ01-09673
This Heavy Duty Bench Knife Has A Sturdy Steel Blade With A Finely Beveled Edge. It Is Securely Mounted In A Heavy Hardwood Handle With A Steel Collar. The Overall Length Is 6-1/4 inches With A 1-3/4 Inch Blade.* This...
Watch Case Opening Knife (Pack of: 1) - TJ02-09671
This case knife is easy to grip with its pvc coated handle; the 1 inch blade's beveled edge opens even the most difficult of watch case backs in a snap! 4.5 inches long.* Beveled edge provides easy opening action to...
Watch Movement Holder with Spring Tension Control (Pack of: 1) - TJ-29392
This Watch Case Holder Has Spring Loaded Tension Control, To Keep A Firm Grip On The Watch Case While You Work On It. It Will Keep Both Of Your Hands Free To Do The Delicate Work On The Watch, And...
Rolex Oyster Case Closing Tool With 6 Sizes To Match Your Need (Pack of: 1) - TJ-09644
It takes special tools to work on a Rolex watch, with it's oyster case, and this Rolex closing tool will do the job for you. This set offers 6 different sizes to match case sizes, and will do the job...
Case Opener with Box (Pack of: 1) - TJ9620A-JUMB
This watch case opener comes complete with 12 different tools for opening just about any type of watch you can name. Everything fits neatly into the custom fit wooden box. The box has metal hinges and a metal clasp, and...
Black Watch Case Opener (Pack of: 1) - TJ-18406
This Watch Case Opener Is 6" Long, And Comes In Black. Made Entirely Of Metal, With Beveled Edges To Reach In And Pop The Case Open. Also, This One Has Screw-type Holders Which Can Adjust To Size Easily For Efficiency...
Large Wrench - For Opening Waterproof Watch Cases (Pack of: 1) - TJ-28047
This Case Opener Is Great For Those Larger Face Watches, And Even Pocket Watches. You Can Remove The Watch Case, To Work On Changing The Battery, Or More Delicate Repairs. Make Of Solid Metal Body With "gentle Grip" Plastic Hooks...
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