10-1/2 Inch Cleaning Brush, 3-Inch Long Nylon Bristles - TZ6315-YH
This brush has 3 inch bristles in a tubular shape, with a diameter of approximately 1 inch. the bristles are made of nylon, You can use this brush with most solvents to help clean small parts. This brush is also...
Brass Wire Brush Trio for Electric Drill & Hand Work - TZ6407-YX
This brush trio is the perfect solution to cleaning away rust and peeling paint from metal or painted surfaces. It includes a wheel brush and a cup shape brush, which are both compatible with most any electric drill, and it...
3 Piece Long Pipe Cleaning Brushes - Suitable for Spray Gun Equipment - TZ604-YW
This set of brushes is designed to clean out pipes and plastic tubing associated with spray guns. The bristles will do a thorough job cleaning out the pipes, and the broom shaped brush will help clean the debris out of...
Wire Brush (Pack of: 2) - TZ-06074-Z02
This Brush Is Made Narrow To Work On Areas Where A Larger Brush Cannot Reach. The 4 Rows Of Wire Bristles Are Tough Enough To Clean Away Rust Or Peeling Paint, And The Wooden Handle Is Easy To Grip. You...
It's Always A Good Idea To Keep Your Firearms Clean, And This Brush Set Makes It Easy! The 6 Piece Set Includes 2 Brushes (rough And Clothes Soft), 1 Handle (about 11"), And 2 Rifle Extensions (11"). Caliber Can Be...
This 21.25" Long Brush Is Very Useful To Clean Out Pipes And Plastic Tubes That May Get Clogged. This Set Features 3 Different Size Brushes To Fit In Just About Anywhere. One Use May Be To Reach Down Into Your...
3 Piece Pipe Cleaning Brush - TZ63-90603
Great For Spray Gun Tips And Nozzles. Includes 3 Sizes: 6", 8", And 12". These Brushes Are Made Of The Standard Twisted Wire Design, And Have Loops At The Ends For Handy Hanging. They Are Particularly Useful In Reaching In...
Wire Bristle Cleaning Brush - TZ-06313
This Little Wire Bristle Brush Is So Handy To Have Around. The Bristles Are Tough And Can Really Tackle Difficult Cleaning Jobs. The Brush Is Flared Out At The Sides To Help You Reach Into Corners Or Narrow Areas To...
11 Inch Round Shop Cleaning Brush with Nylon Bristles (Pack of: 2) - TZ63-06315-Z02
This Round Shop Brush Will Clean Just About Anything! Wooden Handle; 1" Diameter Round; 2 3/8" Bristles; 11" Overall Length.* Extra Long 11" Size To Reach In* Wood Handle With Hole For Hanging* An Excellent Cleaning Tool For Tools And...
Pipe Cleaning Mini Brush Set - TZ63-60650
These Little Brushes Were Designed To Reach Into The Tiniest Places To Thoroughly Clean Them Out. Specifically Intended To Clean Spray Guns After Each Use, But You May Find Other Uses For Them As Well.* Each Brush Is A Different...
17 Inch Brass Wire Brush (Pack of: 2) - TZ63-46050-Z02
Clean The Insides Of Tubes, Narrow Bottles, And Any Other Tight Place You Need To Fit A Cleaning Brush. Sturdy Wire Bristles Clean Well; 1/2" Bristles X 18"* Hard bristles to clean thoroughly* Extend the life of your equipment with...
Nylon Bristle Cleaning Brush\ - TZ-06312
This Little Nylon Bristle Brush Is So Handy To Have Around. The Soft Bristles Won't Scratch Surfaces. You Can Use This Brush In The Laundry Room To Pre Scub Stains, Or Clean Just About Anything Else You Have In Mind....
9 ¼"X 3/4" CRIMPED BRASS BRUSH 4 X 20 ROWS - TZ63-06075
Helps To Scrub Away Rust, Old Peeling Paint, Etc. From So Many Surfaces. Wooden Handle Is Easy To Grip As You Do Your Work. This Brush Features Brass Bristles, Constructed To Be Dense On The Face Of The Brush For...
These Handy Nail Brushes Are A Great Way To Your Nails Looking Clean, With Very Little Effort. During Your Hand Washing, Just Brush Under The Ends Of Your Fingernails To Remove Any Trapped Dirt Or Debirs. The Bristles Are Nylon,...
3 Piece set of 7" Long Pipe Cleaning Brushes Suitable For Cleaning Spray Gun Equipment - TZ-27622
This Set Of Brushes Is Designed To Clean Out Pipes And Plastic Tubing Associated With Spray Guns. The Bristles Will Do A Thorough Job Cleaning Out The Pipes,and The Broom Shaped Brush Will Help Clean The Debris Out Of The...
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