4" Wooden File Handle, Smooth Finish (Pack of: 2) - F-24400-Z02
This 4" Wooden Handle Is Just The Thing You Need When You Use Files Without Handles. Placing This Handle On The End Is Much Easier On The Hand, And Helps You Keep A Better Grip. You Will Enjoy Countless Hours...
8 Piece Jumbo 8" X 1/4" Double Ended Wood Rasp File Set
This One Will File Almost Anything! Tough Double-ended Rasp Files Give You Twice The Options (8 Files Give You 16 Points). You Name It, This One's Got It - Flat Files, Points, Curves, Paddles, Thin Files, Wide Files, Etc. -...
$10.37 from $9.43
10 Piece Set of Double-Sided Riffler Files
Each File Offers You A Different Choice - 10 Files Give You 20 Points! Heat Treated. These Files Are Excellent For Reaching In To Small Places To Clean Out Small Pieces, And To File Smooth The Surfaces. This Is A...
$6.13 from $5.58
Wooden Handle for Files and Tools
This 4" Wooden Handle Is Just The Thing You Need When You Use Files Without Handles. Placing This Handle On The End Is Much Easier On The Hand, And Helps You Keep A Better Grip. You Will Enjoy Countless Hours...
$1.49 from $1.36
5 Piece File Set with Plastic Easy Grip Handles
5 Piece File Set ( Round,flat,square,triangle,half Round). Average 9" Long With 3" Handles (actual Filing Portion Would Be Approximately 6" Long).* 5 Pieces In Set* Comfort Grip Handles* 9" Long* All Different Shapes
$3.73 from $3.39
12 Piece Needle Files Set - 12 Different Shapes - 5.5 Inches (Pack of: 1) - F342
This handy set of needle files will stay neatly organized in it's own vinyl pouch. The pouch has divided sections to keep each file sharp and separate, and each shape is illustrated on the pouch at the top of the...
180mm x 5mm, 10 Piece Needle File Set With 10 Different Shapes (Pack of: 1) - F-00341
This needle file set includes all different shapes and sizes of files to do the job for you. These small files are great for cleaning the rough edges, and debris from drilled or sawed surfaces. They are so small, they...
4 Piece 4 Inch Diamond, Needle File Assortment (Pack of: 1) - F-90145
This Set Of 4 Tiny Diamond Files Are Perfect For All Those Small Jobs. Reaching Into Tiny Spaces Where A Larger File Won't Fit. You Always Need To Select Just The Right Tool For The Job To Get The Best...
10-Inch Dual Edged File - Diamond Coating - Flat & Curved Edges (Pack of: 1) - FD-00320
This Diamond Sharpening File Is Great For Sharpening Your Knives, Scissors, Garden Tools And Much More. File Is Convex On One Side And Flat On The Other.* Each Side Has A Different Diamond Grit.* Intructions for proper use on the...
8-InchThree Sided Wax File with 3 Different Grits (Pack of: 1) - F-70902
This Wax File Has Three Long Surfaces With Different Textures. Overall Length Is 8". It's Like Getting 3 Files In 1. A Very Economical And Practical File.* 3 Different sides on the wax file give you increased usage - 3...
5 Piece Needle Files Set with Color Coded Handles (Pack of: 1) - F-09891
5 Piece Needle Files Set with Color Coded Handles - F-09891-86Product Detail:This 5 piece needle files set is ideal when working with delicate and smaller materials. The color coded handles will make each file easy to identify when you need...
6" Wooden Handle With Smooth Finish For File Or Chisel (Pack of: 2) - F-78500-Z02
This Wooden Handle Is Just The Thing You Need When You Have Files Without Wrapped Handles. This Handle Will Add Comfort To The Task Of Filing, And Will Add An Additional 5" To The Reach Of The File You Are...
6 Piece 5.5 Inch Needle File Set (Pack of: 1) - F-00347
Now, Filing Has Never Been Easier! Handy Aluminum Holder Accommodates All Six Files. File Points Include Flat, Square, Half Round, Flat Tapered End, Round and Triangle. Each Fle In The Set Can Interchange With The 4 -1/4 Inch HandleThis is...
10 Piece Variety Set of Carbon-Steel Needle Rasp Files (Pack of: 1) - F-90340
This 10 piece steel needle rasp set has 10 different types of points. Points include: flat parallel, flat tapered round, square, triangle, half round, knife, crossed end. Made of heat treated carbon steel, they're made to last!* Various styles: Flat...
6 Piece Needle File Set (Pack of: 1) - F-10465
This 6 piece set of needle files are great to have around and can hang right on your work shop wall. Each has a plastic, comfort grip handle and a different shape file. File with ease with this comfortable tool!...
5 Piece 13 Inch Steel File Set (Pack of: 1) - F-01000
These file are extra long and sturdy. 13 inches long (or 10 inches without handle), this five piece set comes with round, flat, square, triangle, and half round blades, with a plastic carrying case. Abs handles give you a nice,...
5 Piece 5.75 Inch Diamond File Set with PVC Coated Handles (Pack of: 1) - F-00345
These are the specialty files that are usually impossible to find! 5 special shapes, including scoop, hook, round, flat scoop, and flat hook. Pvc coated handles allow for easy gripping.* Each is 5.75 inches long to fit even into the...
4 Piece Set Of Steel Files From 6" -9" Long With Rubber Grip Handles (Pack of: 1) - F-93456
Made Of The Toughest High Carbon File Steel, These Files Are Easy To Use And Comfortable To Work With, Thanks To The Rubber Grips. Sizes Include: 3 X 150mm (6"), 4 X 170mm (6 1/2"), 5 X 190mm (7 1/2"),...
10 Piece Set Of Mini Diamond Files 100mm x 2mm With PVC Handles (Pack of: 1) - F-24010
The Perfect Mini Diamond File Set For Lapidary Artists, Jewelers, Metalworkers, And More. Perfect Sizes For Hard To Reach Areas. The Set of 10 Includes Various Shapes, Including Points, Rounds, Flat, Triangular, Squared Edge, And More. 100mm (4") X 2mm...
5-Piece 7-Inch Wood Rasp Set - Round, Square, Rectangular (Pack of: 1) - F-00385
Professionals Consider This The Best Wood Rasp Set Around! Five Different Points Give You The Variety You Need - Round, Flat Parallel, Triangle, Half Round And Square. Heat Treated And Meant To Last For Years! Wooden Handles Allow For Easy...
10 Piece Diamond File Set - Vinyl Covered Handles - 140mm X 3mm (Pack of: 1) - F-34010
This medium size assortment of diamond files will round out your sets and give you greater versatility. Perfect for lapidary use, jewelers, metalsmithing, and more. Points include: chisel, sabre, point, triangular point, flat point, taper, chisel taper, round, half round,...
5 Piece 8 Inch Steel Files Set with Easy-to-Grip Handles (Pack of: 1) - F-30800
This Is A Great Set Of Files For Any Workshop Or Garage. This Set Of 5 Steel Files Includes Flat, Round, Half Round, Square And Triangular Shapes, Plus They Are Extra Long To Give You A Longer File Stroke. The...
This Set Of Double Ended Needle Files Is Just The Thing For Working With Metal Or Wood Items. These Files Are Great When You Need To Reach In To Get Small Chips Out Of The Way Or To Smooth Away...
Take Hours Off Your Work With This Useful Sanding Ring. Easy To Hold, The Metal "scales" Work Better Than Sand-paper To Smooth Just About Any Surface. Made Of Tough Forged Steel, You'll Get A Lot Of Use Out Of It....

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