4 Inch Mini Push Drill Wrapped with Spring Loaded Wire (Pack of: 1) - TJ1200G
For the most delicate of jobs, this little 4" mini push drill will do the job right for you every time. Made of brass, wrapped with spring-loaded wire, and ready to work. Includes a chuck.* 4" Long, Able To Drill...
9 Inch Mini Hacksaw With A 6 Inch Blade For Jewelry & Crafts (Pack of: 1) - TZ03-04800
This little hacksaw will do the job that the big saws can't. It can fit into small places, and it works great on metal crafts, including jewelry design and repair. The blade is 6 inches long, and it has a...
3 Piece Caliper Set (Pack of: 1) - TZ01-04504
Locking Screw Mechanism Assures Accuracy. 1 X Inside, 1 X Outside, And 1 X Divider. Adjusting Screw Is About 2 Inches, And The Knob Is About 1/2 InchTo Make Overall Screw Size To About 1 1/2 Inch.You can measure inside,...
Plastic and Aluminum Foldable Luggage Cart Dolly with Elastic Freight Band (Pack of: 1) - CART-LUG-PP
If you've got a heavy suitcase that doesn’t' have wheel, then this plastic luggage cart is just what you need! This cart is lightweight, (1lb., 14.2 oz), but it's made of strong, sturdy plastic that will carry your bags dependably...
2x/4x Full Sheet Page Magnifier - Fresnel (Pack of: 1) - MG-88575
This heavy duty full sheet fresnel magnifier measures 10-3/4 x 8-1/2 inches , and has 2x power. It also has a 1 inch diameter round magnifier with a power of 4x. This is a great magnifier for school work and...
HANDHELD MINI VISE (Pack of: 1) - VISE-03063
Clamps like a pit bull, this mini-vise is great for smaller uses where a handheld vise is needed - 1-1/4" jaw; overall length 3".* Approximately 3 inches long (slightly more) with 1.25 inch wide jaw* Jaw opens to approximately 9/16...
Angle Finder Square (Pack of: 1) - TM-44551
This Multipurpose Angle Finder Square Is Extremely Versatile. It Can Be Used For Internal And External Measurements. The Four Pivot Design Makes It Very Flexible. The Angles Are Read From A Protractor Scale. Ideal For Carpentry, Woodworking, And All Types...
144 Piece Piercing Saw Blades in 12 Sizes (Pack of: 1) - TJ-23900
Piercing saw blades, while primarily used on metal, can also be used on wood or plastic for models and miniatures. These saws are ideal for working on jewelry and other intricate metal applications. They come in their own vinyl pouch...
2 Piece Self-adhesive Plastic Curtain Brackets Set (Pack of: 2) - H-41098-Z02
These Curtain Brackets Are Handy To Have Around, And Are Surprisingly Strong. Just Follow The Simple Direction On The Package, And You Can Support You Drapery And Curtain Rods Without Nails And Screws Going Into Your Walls. Just Place One...
TORCH: Piezo Igniter With 6 Inch Long Neck (Pack of: 1) - TZ69-CE-15LH
This piezoelectric ignifter is able to convert a sound wave into an electrical signal, and thereby can create a tiny spark which can be used to ignite a butane torch or other such gas contrivance. This igniter is 9 inches...
500GM Capacity Open Ingot Mold (Pack of: 1) - TJ-29348
This ingot mold will hold 500gm of molten metal until it cools and hardens. You can melt scraps of precious metals and combine them together in this fashion, for easier handling, weighing, and transport or sale of bulk product. Inside...
Spring Loaded Spiral Mini Hand Push Drill - Brass
$1.99 from $1.81
Spring Loaded Spiral Mini Hand Push Drill - Brass
This Spiral Hand Drill Is Great For Drilling Small Holes In Metal Or Wax. The Adjustable Chuck Works With Drill Bit Sizes 57 - 80. Designed For Easy Use. Small Size Of 4" For Easy And Precise Use* 4" Size*...
$1.99 from $1.81
Safety Paint Scraper With 4 Extra One-Edged Razor Blades In Package (Pack of: 1) - PK-PK9038-YW
This safety scraper has a retractable blade for your protection when not in use. This scraper is great for removing unwanted paint from glass, tile, ceramics, or floor surfaces. After the paint is dry, it will scrape completely away. This...
Stainless Steel Lunch Bowl Set With 2 Tiers (Pack of: 1) - LK-LKCO-43023
This handy set of bowls will be useful to just about anyone. The bowls are 5 1/2 inches in diameter, and 2 1/4 inches tall, and they stack one on top of the other with the lid at the top....
9.5" Black Metal Lantern With Glass Globe & Adjustable Wick (Pack of: 1) - LA-92486
This Traditional Style Lantern Is As Nostalgic As The Old West. This Black Lantern Is All Metal, Except, Of Course, For The Glass Globe And The Wick. It Is A Free Standing Lantern, Which Can Also Be Hung Up Or...
Long Handled Dust Pan (Pack of: 1) - TU-FR-8200
Clean-ups Are A Breeze With This Long Handled Dust Pan. Flat Plate In The Front, With A Slight Ridge To Catch Everything You Sweep In, And High Sides And Back To Hold It All In Until You Dump It Out....
3 Piece Stainless Steel Double Ended Spatula Set (Pack of: 1) - S-28277
Double ended is a great way to buy your art sculpting tools. You get twice as much for the money! Such is the case with this 3 piece double ended spatula set with 6 different tools, from pointed to round...
Magnetizer & Demagnetizer (Pack of: 1) - MC-00010
Sometimes you need a magnitized tip on your screwdriver, and sometimes you prefer not to have one. Now you get to choose either way with the same screwdriver.Works on tools | screwdrivers, pick-up toolsGreat for hardware | screwsFits in any...
Slim Pocket Mirror (Pack of: 1) - CARE-26827
This Handy Mirror Is Great For Any Size Purse, Backpack, Briefcase Or Even Pocket. For Those On-the-go Touch Ups Of Hair Or Make-up. Anytime You Need A Mirror For A Quick Check, This Is The One You Can Reach For...
100 Piece 3/8 Inch Brass Plated Grommets (Pack of: 1) - HW-94438
With the use of a grommet punch (not included) you can use these grommets to place additional grommets on a canopy or tarp, or to replace a grommet that has torn out. Each grommet consists of 2 pieces, so this...
Universal Lockout Tool for Automobiles (Pack of: 2) - TA-02800-Z02
This Tool Will Open A Locked Car Door When The Driver Leaves The Keys Inside. This Lockout Tool Is To Be Used By Professionals In Either The Locksmith Or Towing Business.* This lockout tool measures 19 X 3/4 inch-thin enough...
This traditional style lantern is as nostalgic as the old west. This bright red lantern is all metal, except, of course, for the glass globe and the wick. It is a free standing lantern, which can also be hung up...
Refillable Butane Lighter (Pack of: 4) - CAM-60050-Z04
Not Just For The Bar-b-que. This Slim Red-and-black Handled Lighter Is Butane-refillable, Has An On-off Swtich, Safety Lock, And Meets Cpsc Standards. Great For Camping, Household Uses, Candles And More. Child-resistant. Please Note: No Lighter Is Child Prood. Make Sure...
Mini 6" Hacksaw - Deep-throat, 5.5" High (Pack of: 1) - TZ03-04750
This is an ideal saw for your jeweler's bench. The small size makes it easy to manuver, and the steel frame is strong and durable. The blade is held firmly in place, assisted by plastic protective shields. The strong blade...

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