1 Watt Headlamp with Adjustable Strap & Swivel Light - LKCO-42800
This headlamp will attach to you hat, your helmet, or directly to your head to light your way safely. The lamp contains 1 ultra bright LED bulb with an extra large reflector for the maximum amount of light. The lamp...
12 Clear Plastic Jars with Colored Lids - Size - 15 Mil - TJ8615-COL
This set of clear plastic jars contains 12 pieces, and the screw-top lids come in 4 beautiful colors: Red, purple, black and green. These jars are ideal for sorting, storing, and displaying small items. The clear plastic bottoms make it...
This dead blow mallet is great for preventing scratches and damage to your project. The entire mallet and handle has a rubberized surface in white with blue accents. A real favorite among jewelers and hobby enthusiasts.This 1 pound mallet is...
1-12 Artist Flat Brush 12-Piece Set - TZ63-06340
These Flat-bristled Brushes Are Perfect For All Your Painting Needs. Sizes Are From 1 To 12. Handle Lengths Are About 10" To 11" Long.* Wooden Handles With Metal Trim* Bristles Hold Firmly* Professional Quality
12 Inch Oval Shaped Nylon Hammer - PH-00227
This lightweight hammer is perfect for working with precious metals. The nylon head will not leave marks or scratches on delicate surfaces. The rounded shape is useful for gently bending and shaping the metal.* This hammer is lightweight - weighs...
3x & 8x Power White Magnifier 40 LED Desk Lamp - 4 Inches - CR-99259
This magnifier desk lamp is beautiful as well as functional. The lamp arm is hinged at the base and the neck for greater positioning ability. This lamp operates with an AC adapter, but also can be unplugged and will run...
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